Monday, April 1, 2013

SWR Meter

At transmission channel that is not match besides incident wave flows also reflected wave. The direction is incident wave from source of to burden (from transmitter to antenna), while reflected wave from direction that is on the contrary (from antenna towards to transmitter). To measure the wave power is required by Power Meter. Usually at Power Meter there are two scales, firstly applied for power to come and other for reflects power. Level of scale is for reflect power smaller than coming power scale.

SWR METER (Standing Wave Ratio Meter - standing wave comparison meter) applied to measure comparison of incident wave and reflected wave. Equally SWR METER applied to measure how to match a source with burden. Job (activity principle SWR Meter constituted at Power Meter. if at one particular measurement only there is Power Meter hence countable SWR from power comes and reflects power.

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